Can Dog Eat Banana?

Hello, Friends are you finding the answer of can dog eat banana or Not? If YES!! then Read Post. Bananas are absolutely magical when it comes to the health of the Homo sapiens because we all know that it’s a pocket-size Powerhouse of potassium, vitamins, minerals, and magnesium etc. But can dog eat banana without health Problem? Banana is an excellent snack for us and most of us love to munch on a juicy banana which is a wholesome tummy treat filled with natural goodness. But the question which arises is that can dog eat banana? If you want to Know that the Read till the Full Post.

Can Dog Eat Banana for be healthy?

A fresh piece of a nice and ripe banana is the best option to give your dog as a treat compared to other treats which are full of preservatives. This is actually the best options for little active pups which are still in the growing phase. Also, the rich and creamy texture of the bananas is a favorite to the dogs. Bananas have lots of health indigent so can Dog Eat Banana chips? Let us have a quick look at the natural goodness of the bananas. But Can your Dog eat a banana is good for Dog Health?

Bananas are packed with several good nutrients and each of the nutrients has a special power in it. Let us find it out in details:

High Fiber content  Some dogs suffer from gastrointestinal problems and the bananas are the best solution to it. Since they are very high in fiber content, it would be ideal to add a little portion of bananas to the dog’s meal when it suffers from losing motion or diarrhea.

Magnesium-  Magnesium is extremely helpful to meet the protein content of the body and it also helps in the development of sturdy bones. It also regulates energy to be regulated throughout the body so that it can help little dogs to be active and frisk.

Vitamin C Vitamin C has a lot of properties helping the growth of the dog where it actually builds cartilage in the body and protects the cell from getting damaged. It boosts the immune system of the dogs by providing antioxidants in the body.

Potassium- Since bananas contain potassium at a greater level it actually allows the muscle development and healthy blood vessel function in the dogs. Since it is an important electrolyte, it regulates the optimal fluid balance in dogs.

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We might be extremely carried away by looking at the positivity’s in the fruit; however, there are a lot of things in a banana which must be looked into before we provide it to our four-legged friends, some of which are as follows:

Can Dog Eat Banana Daily without Health Issue?

Bananas, if given as a treat to the dogs, is a wonderful affair, however, we must know can dog eat bananas with their regular meals? The answer to that would be a very big NO.

Can Dog Eat Banana

Side Effects of Banana

Bananas, when given as a treat within a certain limit, is a marvelous snack, however, if it is included in the daily diet, it can be harmful to the dog. Let us have a look at the negative effects of overeating bananas. Dogs are Love to Eat Foods but check before that to feed it’s healthy or not.

Can Dog Eat Banana without Side Effects:

  • Hyperkalemia which is actually the excessive presence of potassium in the blood and it leads to several intricate heart problems and also in some fatal cases it may be the cause of a cardiac arrest
  • The highv calorie content in the bananas might be responsible for the weight gain of the dog hence curbing its natural activity and making it fat.
  • Since the bananas contain natural sugar in a variety of form- glucose, fructose, and sucrose, excessive consumption of bananas might be the cause of erratic blood sugar levels.

The points mentioned above look scary and hence confuse us. With the bananas having so many positive contents, the negatives look horribly scary. Automatically the natural question we are stuck to is, to give or not to give bananas to our furry friends.  And the answer to that would be we can treat our dogs to bananas as treats occasionally but it is never recommended to include a banana into the daily diet of the dog eat as it is only going to harm the dog.

Some people have a very good question after this which goes like this, can dogs eat bananas with the skin on or should it be peeled off for them. The answer to this is although the banana peels are not hazardous for the dogs.

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however, it is advisable to peel the skin and then give the sweet treat to them as it can cause severe vomiting or constipation in the dogs thus blocking the intestines at the worst. Let us avoid taking the least bit of risk and peel the bananas for our pets just as we would do it for ourselves. Try the Other Fruits to Feed your Dog like Apples, Chickoo, Coconut Water.

In what way can we give the bananas to the dogs?

Mostly, when we want to feed bananas to our dogs, we can peel f the skin and give them two or three bites occasionally. However, if we have a growing pup that is really active and playful, it would be fine to give a regular sized banana every day. Can Dog Eat banana crush if you Give?

Bananas can be given in the form of dehydrates chips as well but anything that is mixed with preservatives must be avoided by us.

Banana chips that are naturally dried or frozen would be great for the dogs but we must never indulge in giving processed chips to the dogs as the sugar content in it would make it worse for our pets and can be harmful to them.

There can be instances when our pets can indulge in this sweet treat without our knowledge and the amount can be a lot. If this happens and we notice something highly suspicious in our dogs, we must immediately consult our veterinarian doctor for help.

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Some of the symptoms would be as follows:

  1. Hyperkalemia which will include weakness and collapse
  2. There might be signs of discomfort and restlessness. The dog might have dilated pupils or might be whining for help.
  3. The dog might seem disoriented or might be yelping.

Thus we should limit the consumption of bananas and let the dogs enjoy the best of the natural goodness that is available.

So, In this article, I solved your Query regarding Can Dog Eat Banana or Not. If you have still query regarding Banana is healthy or not for Dog. Then Post Comment Below. Our Team will be Reply in 24 Hours. If you like this article than share Can Dog Eat Banana Post with your Pet Lovers Friend, Family, and your Local Dog Group.

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