Can Dog Eat Cheese?

Can Dogs Eat Cheese? We all love cheese. The lip-smacking product is not just our favorite, our furry friends like it too. But Can Dog Eat cheese? Your dogs might have also craved for your cheese sandwich. What do you do in such situations? Do you give little furry friends their favorite cheese? Or you stop them from eating it? Well, this becomes definitely difficult for us as we don’t know well whether the Can Dogs eat cheese it Good or not.

Now, you don’t have to worry as we are here to answer your question ‘can dogs eat cheese’? If your dog is lactose intolerant then you should never offer them cheese. For other furry friends here is the answer.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese Daily?

The answer to the question can dog eat cheese is “Yes”, Dogs can eat cheese but you should always give them in limited quantity. Dog’s system is slightly different from human thus giving them human food in large quantities can cause danger to their health. Cheese is a milk product thus only dogs who are not allergic to milk products can be fed cheese.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese

Can Dog Eat Cheese?

Interestingly cheese was invented to make milk edible for long period, now has become a special ingredient of every dish. But Can a dog eat Cheese dish. Being milk product, it does have the goodness of milk and provides health benefits. Apart, from calcium and other nutrition, cheese contains fats thus could be dangerous for our dogs if given more than the prescribed quantity. Cheese can be given with medicines hidden inside and can also be given as training treats to your furry.

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How Much Cheese Can Dogs Eat?

Cheese contains lactose. Thus You should avoid giving it to lactose intolerant dogs. Human has an enzyme lactase which is not found in other mammals. Lactase is a digestive enzyme and our dogs don’t have it. This makes lactose products such as milk, risky for them. However, cheese contains low lactose compared to milk. Hence, it is strongly recommended that give cheese in small quantities so that dogs would get nutrition and good taste with minimum risk.

You should not give it more than 10% of their diet. More than the prescribed quantity would upset the digestive system of your friend causing them diarrhea. Before giving it to them, make sure to read the contains to avoid any risk.

Also, before introducing new food to your dog’s diet, consult your vet as that would be best for your precious friend’s health.

6 Benefits Why Dog Need to Eat Cheese

Cheese is definitely beneficial for us. But would it give these health benefits to our furry? Let’s have a look how beneficial is cheese for dogs.

  1. Cheese contains calcium which makes the bones strong in dogs.
  2. It has vitamin A and B, these vitamins are good for your fluffy’s health.
  3. Cheese also has Fats in its contents which are good for dogs if given in adequate quantity. Fats help dogs to absorb vitamins from other food they eat.
  4. Dogs need proteins too for the healthy life, cheese gives it to them.
  5. Fatty acids of cheese are beneficial to keep your dog’s skin firm and healthy.
  6. Cheese benefits our little friend in blood clotting and muscle contraction.

Can puppies eat cheese?

We have already discussed can dogs eat cheese, but what about puppies? Puppies have weak guts in comparison to adult dogs. Introducing new food to puppies can affect their health. Also, they would not be able to digest it properly if given. Cheese has many health benefits but should not be given to puppies. You should always avoid feeding cheese to your little puppies.

When to avoid giving cheese to your dogs?

It is really important to know when you should not give cheese to your dogs. Please take care to not give it to dogs when-

  • If your dog puts on weight too easily or is already fat, never give it cheese as cheese contains fats. Fats can be a reason to increase the weight of your fluffy.
  • Dogs having blood pressure issue should not be given cheese.
  • You should avoid giving cheese if you have puppies because they are more vulnerable than adult dogs.
  • Never feed it to older dogs as with age they might not be able to digest it properly.
  • Often pet parents give cheese with medicines, please avoid to give it with antibiotics. Your dog may not be able to absorb the antibiotic if given with cheese.
  • Flavored cheese for ex.garlic, onions etc should not be given to your little child.
  • Avoid colored cheese like blue cheese.

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What type of cheese is safe for dogs?

Here we are listing cheese types which are safe for dogs, but please make sure to give them in small quantity. Otherwise, it can harm your dogs. Here is the list-

  1. Cheddar cheese-  Cheddar cheese contains low salt and therefore you can give it to them as the training treat.
  2. Cottage cheese- Cottage cheese has relatively low sodium and would not harm your fluffy if given in small quantity.
  3. Swiss Cheese- It has low lactose content and is nutty in taste. Swiss cheese is similar to cheddar and is safe for dogs.

Bad cheese for dogs

Now we know can dog eat cheese, but can you feed every cheese to your dogs? Here are few types of cheese which you should totally avoid for dogs-

  1. Blue cheese
  2. Goat Cheese
  3. String Cheese
  4. French Cheese
  5. Roquefort Cheese
  6. Brie cheese
  7. Parmesan Cheese
  8. Cream cheese

These were the types of cheese which are safe and unsafe for dogs. We would recommend you to give your dogs cheese but in small quantity making it sure to not exceed 10% of their diet. For better care, consult your vet before giving it to dogs. Cheese is beneficial for dog’s health but at the same time if not taken care it can cause many health issues in dogs and will make their health worse.

Cheese as a training treat would definitely be a great idea to feed your dogs. Always be cautious when buying cheese for them, don’t buy without checking fat, lactose and salt percentage. We hope you got an answer of can dogs eat cheese and have found this information helpful for you. Hopefully, next time you will feed your dogs with care.

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